Chairman’s Introduction

The Group was formed in 1994 in conjunction with the Construction Industry Training Board.

Our aims and objectives are to provide local, high quality, realistically priced training, designed to meet the Group Member Companies' needs.

In January 2007 The Group became independent and as a result are now able to employ the services of a Group Training Officer offering a unique dedicated service to the construction industry throughout Oxfordshire.

With ever-increasing demands from our client’s and the changing world we live in, it is clear that those companies that will perform the best and achieve their own targets are those with a fully trained and skilled workforce.

It is the intention of our Group to not only become the catalyst for all training but to encourage stronger network links amongst its Members.

We hope this site will be useful to all, giving access to up-to-date industry and current legislative news, as well as all local group information.

Chris Kimber-Nickelson
Benfield & Loxley (Builders) Limited, Cowley